Blueman Hardware Offers Tips to Reduce Clutter

    Mon, Sep 24, 2012
    Blueman Hardware Offers Tips to Reduce Clutter

    As autumn commences with winters icy chill right around the corner, many will be trying to stay warm indoors. The city’s cramped residential quarters may provide an escape from the terrestrial elements, but this presents another problem; maintaining enough living space.

    Although one should refrain from knocking down their neighbor’s walls or ceilings, there are simple and effective solutions to optimizing the space within one’s apartment. Primarily one should try to discard or donate unused or unneeded items. After all, less stuff means more room.  Although it may seem obvious to some, many find it difficult to decide on what to let go. If this is the case, organization is the key in order to maximize one’s living space.

    This can be done by getting the right hardware for the right room.  In the kitchen, using kitchen cabinets and high ceiling hooks can reduce clutter and provide residents with more counter space. In addition, if your kitchen has a door, use a hanging door rack for kitchenware.

    Living space can be utilized in a similar fashion. Hanging bookshelves can reduce clutter and provide your room with personality. One can reduce the claustrophobic atmosphere by having a few large pieces of furniture, compared to multiple smaller ones. Additionally one can fuse functions of furniture by having a table or ottoman that doubles as a storage unit.

    One can find hardware for organizing, remodeling, and more at Blueman Hardware Corp in the East Village. 

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