Broadway Comedy Club Invites You to Take the Stage, But First Here Are Some Open Mic Tips

    Thu, Feb 7, 2013
    Broadway Comedy Club Invites You to Take the Stage, But First Here Are Some Open Mic Tips
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    The stage is yours… or at least it could be! Every week at Broadway Comedy Club in NYC, you can grab the microphone and wow audiences with your downright hilarious comedy routines. The comedy club hosts Open Mic Nights all week long giving comedians the opportunity to break into the industry.

    This is your chance! You’re ready! You know all the jokes, you’ve studied world-famous comedians and now it’s your chance to shine! But before you break out your favorite “Knock-Knock” joke, here are a few helpful tips for your fist comedy performance.

    1. Grab the mic as early on as possible. The more you overthink it, the more likely you’ll be to start making excuses why you shouldn’t do it.
    2. Rehearse your jokes with family and friends before a live audience and see if they laugh. If they don’t laugh, you may have really bad jokes or just really bad friends.
    3. Practice makes perfect, but there is no harm in keeping a note bard in your pocket for your first time on stage.
    4. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. It is easy to get nervous and start rushing through your performance, but you will want to slow it down if you want a successful punch line.
    5. Record your performance and learn from it in the future.
    6. When you see the light that means you have one minute to wrap up your performance, so make sure you time your jokes accordingly.
    7. Either the time runs out or you’re out of jokes. No matter how quiet the crowd may be, don’t stop your routine before it’s done. This is only the first performance and it’s bound to get better.

    Now go grab that microphone at join NYC’s Broadway Comedy Club during one of their Open Mic events!


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