Holla-Holla Comedy Show Returns to Broadway Comedy Club on June 29th

    Wed, Jun 26, 2013
    Holla-Holla Comedy Show Returns to Broadway Comedy Club on June 29th
    Broadway Comedy Club

    The Holla-Holla Show has made its return to the stage at Broadway Comedy Club and this time the performance is bringing more urban comedy like you've never seen before! The next performance of the Holla-Holla Show takes place on Saturday, June 29th at 6pm at the comedy club in NYC.

    Originally created and hosted by Raheem Barry, the Holla-Holla Show features some of New York City's best up-and-coming comedians, theatrical performers and musical artists. You name it and this show has certainly got it! Laugh out loud to original punch lines and entertaining segments that break away from the traditional form of entertainment.

    As a performer, producer and headliner for the show, Raheem has perfected his comedic skills. You can also catch the performer in various other projects, including voice overs and on-camera commercials. Today, the Holla-Holla Show is used as a platform for amateur and established performers to get off the ground and in the spotlight, gaining exposure and presenting a fantastically entertaining show!

    The Holla-Holla Show is open to anyone who likes comedy, dancing, theater and more. Shows are typically held the last Friday of the month.

    Grab your weekend outfit, a cocktail and bring a friend to the show! For more information about ticket purchases and upcoming comedy shows or events, visit the Broadway Comedy Club

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