Midtown's Broadway Comedy Club Highlights Improv Comedy Group Chicago City Limits

    Fri, Feb 22, 2013
    Midtown's Broadway Comedy Club Highlights Improv Comedy Group Chicago City Limits
    Chicago City Limits

    “Why did the traffic light turn red? You would too if you had to change in the middle of the street!”

    While jokes like that will no doubt make you chuckle, the comedians at Midtown’s Broadway Comedy Club will have you doubled over in pain at their hilarious comedy shows. This is all thanks to the brilliant comedians that take the stage night after night, testing the boundaries of comedy and entertaining audiences like never before.

    Among those talented performers are the comedians of Chicago City Limits, NYC’s legendary improv comedy group. For more than 30 years the comedians have been thrilling audiences of all ages with their unique approach to improv comedy. Chicago City Limits is the longest-running comedy show with over 10,000 performances and still going strong!

    The comedy group holds many credits, including winners of the 2009 MAC Awards for best comedy group in NYC, as well as Fodor’s Top Pick. The New York Post has declared their performances as the “Funniest show in town… not to be missed!” The New York Times says that the show is “ingenious and very, very funny.”

    While their comedy shows are simply phenomenal, the group also dedicates their time to teaching improv classes at this Midtown comedy club. Audiences can catch Chicago City Limits at Broadway Comedy Club every Friday and Saturday at 8pm and an additional performance at 10pm on Saturdays. For more information on their classes please visit www.chicagocitylimits.com or call a training advisor at (212) 888-5233 to reserve tickets for one of their performances. 

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