NYC Contractors Bring Your Home Design Into Reality

    Fri, Sep 21, 2012
    NYC Contractors Bring Your Home Design Into Reality

    Custom home remodeling should be something that every homeowner can rely on, and with the professional contractors at Genco Lee Renovations that is precisely what you can expect. Every detail from the ground up is worked to your exact specifications, as these professional contractors specialize in a variety of remodeling services.


    1 bedroom Co-op

    The new subject of obsession for many young newly wedded couples, the 1 bedroom co-op has seen a meteoric rise in demand recently. The compact sizes of these style flats allow a higher budget for the residents, allowing them to turn those 1 bedroom units into a utopian home and enjoy the bliss of marriage. Singular themes can be easily created to match the requests of clients, under the advice of professional contractors and designers.

    2 bedroom Co-op

    A popular choice among downgrading condominium owners, as well as up-grading young couples who are expecting a little addition to their lives. the 2 bedroom co-op is also in high demand. Its size is comparable to a condominium and perfect for a newly expanded small family. The designs catered for such units center around a more family-feel while maintaining the zesty touch of freshness and style by the designers


    These are the studio or service apartments that are very sensitive to designs and themes. Beyond the front doors lies endless design possibilities to match the profiles and requests of the owner. These types of homes are generally for single or successful individuals who have a delicate taste for artistic designs.

    Private Condominium

    Private Condominiums are less sensitive to buyers' demographics, as they tend to home single professionals as well as young families. This means there is much more variety in choosing the best idea, which allows the team to let their creativity run.

    Landed Properties

    You may know these as larger houses. To the artists, they are larger canvasses. The bigger spaces gives one a bigger space for imagination, and gives these contractors a bigger space for creativity. So allow your imagination to run wild, and allow them to whip it out for you.


    Corporate Offices

    The office is the centre of any businesses or activities. Thus, its design and renovations are essential. A well-designed office will impress your clients and business partners during meetings, and pave the way for the company's next big deal. It's worth noting that a well done-up and conducive office is known to boost employees morals while also upping their productivity for the company.


    Being well-reputed and trusted in the industry, Genco Lee is the widely-acclaimed choice when it comes to handling bigger interior designing and renovation projects. On-time delivery, creative designs and high quality workmanship are the reasons behind many successful big-scale housing and commercial projects.

    Clubs & Restaurants

    In the volatile, competitive and fast-paced food & beverage world, an industry leaders winning edge comes from beyond the menu. Good food and drinks satisfies the taste-buds, but good atmosphere and decoration provides the icing that caps up an intriguing dining and drinking experience. Count on Genco Lee Renovations to whip up a culinary delight in terms of wonderful design and craftwork for your establishments, and keep your customers coming back for more!

    For all your custom home remodeling, turn these premier New York City contractors

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