Why is Halevy Life NYC's Best Personal Training Gym?

    Tue, May 29, 2012
    Why is Halevy Life NYC's Best Personal Training Gym?

    In an industry that thrives -- and thieves -- on consumer confusion, while continuing to promote 1980's Nautilus-era and even current "toning" and lengthening" exercise "myth-odologies," Upper East Side private and semi-private personal training gym Halevy Life is one of the few breaths of fresh air in the oversaturated, over-polluted New York City fitness market.

    Halevy Life, the eponymously-named flagship gym of "here's-the-truth-about-exercise-whether-you-like-it-or-not" celebrity trainer Jeff Halevy (Whitney Houston, Vanessa Minnillo, Ben Foster, Jai Rodriguez) is a meticulously designed stylish boutique gym that prides itself on its even more meticulously designed exercise programming, all of which is derived from irrefutable, iron-clad, scientific principles: "Every single one of our client's programs is defensible, like a well-written thesis. It would be very hard for someone to poke holes in our programming," explains Halevy. It’s no wonder "Fact check me!" is one of Halevy's favorite mantras when it comes to discussing the merits of his gym's programming.

    Halevy confidently explains his approach with ease: "When it comes to being fit, for the overwhelming majority of us this means programming that includes three pillars: cardiovascular training, strength training, and mobility/flexibility -- a strong heart and lungs, powering a structurally sound body, that can move freely and without injury to perform any task. It really is that simple, but like anything else, God is in the details; we improve all three pillars simultaneously in every single session -- not to mention in such a way that we create a 'perfect storm' hormonally and metabolically for fat loss and a lean body. That took me years to perfect theoretically, and even longer in practice, with endless experimentation based on the very latest research principles I incorporated."

    Halevy, who was twice asked to join the cast of NBC's The Biggest Loser, somewhat bashfully acknowledges it's near impossible to land a coveted spot on his personal client roster these days, however his entire staff of trainers is not only "over-qualified" (e.g. degrees in exercise science, recreational therapy, spinal rehabilitation), but must intern alongside Halevy for three to six months before working with Halevy Life clients, to ensure they are fully versed in Halevy's methodology and philosophy.

    While bullet-proof programming and a who's who client roster might be enough to make many trainers proud, Halevy says he is most proud of his ability to create affordable high-level personal training via Halevy Life's "SP" (Semi-Private) training program, which offers customized personal training in a semi-private setting at the per session price point of a spin class or boot camp.

    "Most New Yorkers have pretty poor choices: spend a ton on a trainer who knows nothing -- 'do ten of this, now ten of that,' without anything even being written down and recorded, mind you; go to a bootcamp -- I'm not going to even touch that one; but you get the idea. Maybe you lose a few pounds because you're moving more, but there's no system for sustained success and health. What we have accomplished with SP is created a lean-body personal training program -- it will not get you looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger or ready for an ultra marathon, but will get you super-fit -- and it consistently and systematically continues to deliver on cardiovascular health, strength improvements, and joint health for around $30 per session. What more do 99% of us want anyway!? Beat that!"

    It’s no surprise that Halevy Life is considered NYC’s best personal training gym, having attracted corporate clients like Bloomberg within months of opening, so see for yourself – but be ready for a serious workout, serious soreness…and serious results.

    Halevy Life is located at 802 Lexington Avenue, at the corner of 62nd Street in Manhattan. For information on Halevy Life’s private or semi-private personal training programs, visit www.HalevyLife.com or call (212) 233-0633

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